9 Meister


9 Master is a tribute to cultural and religious diversity. Nine representative members from nine historically grown religions of the world, all based in Berlin, express their views on fundamental questions of the human mind and the human condition. Pictures and music from liturgical practice of the various faith communities underline the answers of the protagonists. From nine different angles and 120 hours footage a document of religious life in the big city was created.


What is death, what is life?
Is there a divine being in itself or is God a thought?
Who is he?
Has the Divine created man or has man created God?

Then what is religion itself, what features does it have?
Is religion still needed?

Is there an open relationship between the various religions?
Which religious aspects unite us and our cultures as human beings and how do religions raise borders between us?

What is the relationship today between the spiritual sense of the individual and the cultic traditions of a religious community?
Should we keep our religious intuition alive?
And how?


The peaceful coexistence between people from different cultures has never been granted on our planet. Tensions, unrest, intolerance, racism and violence, power games and war historically characterize the ideas of encounter with the stranger. Today the world changes confusingly and with seemingly exponential rate. In the early 21st century our planet has become so small as never before. In the age of geopolitical and economic globalization people, goods and information travel on high velocity through borders, over states and continents.


Cities of diverse terrestrial binding powers on all continents developed into crucibles of different cultures and identities. The intensely felt moment of an accelerated global networking throws spotlights on our past as well – also and especially on the history of our religious mentality, on our existence as material-spiritual beings. Beside individual salvation religions always had to find answers to clashes of cultures and to offer effective solutions to mental and emotional exchange between people from different backgrounds.


Many are the factors that shape the religious identity of the individual – historical, linguistic, socio-cultural (inter alia). They characterize the idiosyncrasies of people as well as their relationships. In any native environment the current expected identity features for individuals are considered „normal“, mostly carried by a majority, accepted by society, practiced jointly. In the state of migration, where the own identity and relationships experience tension between adaptation and preservation, the individual has to undergo a drastic change comparable to a tree replanted suddenly is exposed to a new soil and an unfamiliar air. Hopefully in company of family members or other fellow sufferers, in worth cases alone – each time an existential challenge that needs to be faced.

9 Masters

9 Masters focuses this issue specifically on religious aspects of the current socio-cultural clash. Nine representatives of different religions give their response by presenting themselves and explaining their religious communities.