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Babalorixá Murah Soares


Murah Soares was born in 1962 in São Paulo, Brazil. He grew up in Salvador with his grandmother in a temple of the Candomblé religion. Thus he was introduced early to the ritual songs and dances of the Afro-Brazilian culture. Inspired by this, he became a dancer, and later on a choreographer and a teacher, among other things, for yoga and ayurvedic diet. He was first invited to Berlin in 1990 and since then realizes his own music and dance productions. In Berlin he was co-initiator 1996 of the Berlin Carnival of Cultures and for the occasion founded the Brazilian-German music and dance group Afoxé Loni together with Dudu Tucci. In February 2007 Murah Soares, together with Martin Titzck and many other supporters, opened the Intercultural Centre Forum Brasil in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, a German-Brazilian cultural and social center for international understanding, intercultural dialogue and social engagement.

Ilê Obá Silekê


The premises of the Forum Brasil also host the Ile Obá Silekê, the first Candomblé temple in Germany, consecrated in the summer of 2008 by the spiritual leader of the Candomblé, a so-called Yalorixá, and renowned human rights activist Mãe Beata from Rio de Janeiro, as a direct representative office of his temple in Germany. The main task of Babalorixás / Yalorixás is to ensure the ritual and organizational processes in the Candomblé temple. The Babalorixá is seen as the spiritual father of the members (Filhos) of the Candomblé community, his tasks being, inter alia, the preservation and development of the Orixá tradition, the initiation and training, the healing work of all Filhos.


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Ile Obá Sileke
Musicians and singers of the Candomblé temple






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