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Imam Abdallah Hajjir


Abdallah Hajjir was born in Jordan in 1959, but for more than thirty years has lived in Germany. He is married to a woman of his native country and has 5 children. Abdallah Hajjir is not an academic clergyman, he studied civil engineering, and today operates a travel agency that specializes in pilgrimages to Mecca. For his qualification as Imam and preacher he visited seminars. Since the early Eighties, the Jordanian-born committed to Islam and to Islamic institutions in Berlin. In the early 90s he moved to Moabit, where he and his wife initially founded a private school for Arabic lessons together, then the nursery „Safina“, and finally the „House of Wisdom“, a cultural meeting place and mosque. Abdallah Hajjir, the imam of the mosque, is very committed to interreligious dialogue and promotes numerous multicultural projects.

House of Wisdom

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About 220,000 Muslims live in Berlin today. Different schools and trends are represented in the city: Sunnis (the majority), Shiite, Alevis, Sufis. There are about 80 mosques. In addition there are numerous prayer rooms. The „House of Wisdom“, founded in 1995, is a German-Arab Cultural Club, a meeting place and especially a mosque, which is located in the quarter of Moabit. The association sees itself as a cross-cultural and inclusive cultural institution. It offers citizens and residents of the neighbourhood a number of leisure activities, Arabic lessons, as well as advisory services and assistance. For Friday prayers an average of 600 Muslims come to the mosque. Two years ago, the House of Wisdom has moved within the district to obtain larger premises.


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