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Patipan Ratanapanyo


Patipan Ratanapanyo was born in 1977 in the province Udonthani in Thailand. He attended a basic school, which was next to a temple. Impressed by the peace and tranquility of its occupants, Patipan made up his mind as a child to become a monk. First, however, he attended a grammar school in Kumphawapi and concluded training as an electrical engineer. For some time he worked in the transport company of his parents, then spent two years as a skilled worker in Taiwan. Meanwhile his goal had always been to become a Buddhist monk. So he returned to Thailand and was ordained in 2002 in the tradition of the forest monks in the Wat Non Muang temple. His teacher is Master Sri Mahaveero. Patipan then spent most of his time wandering, mainly in the area of Chaiwan, Sawang Daen Din, Sakon Nakhon and Nikom Nam Un, finally in the province of Khon Gaen with a monk named Luang Po Mana. Since 2009, Patipan Ratanapanyos life has completely changed: he was sent abroad to Germany to spread Buddhism there.

Wat Pah Bodhi Dhamm Monastery


In Berlin since many years there are two Theravada temples with Thai monks. They are connected to the city tradition but occasionally host guest monks of the forest tradition. In spring 2010, the Wat Pah Bodhi Dhamm forest monastery was inaugurated in Berlin. It is located on a wooded lot near Gatow and is co-directed by the 35-year-old Phra Patipan. He is often visited by other wandering Thai monks who assist him in his work. Phra Patipan has been living in Berlin since 2009. His role is mainly to take care of the pastoral needs of the Thai community of Berlin. The monks live on the property in tents and receive daily prospects and members of the community who care for their meals. This aspect is important because wandering monks are mendicants. Every Saturday Phra Patipan drives to Rathaus Spandau Underground Station. Members of the community, who do not have the possibility to take the long way up to Gatow, gather there to bring presents for the monastery.


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Phra Patipan Ratanapanyo